Yoshihide Suga becomes the 99th Prime Minister of Japan | Yoshihide Suga becomes 99th Prime Minister of Japan, challenged to advance Shinzo government policies

Tokyo: Japan has the 99th Prime Minister. Senior official and confidant of Shinzo Abe, Yoshihide Suga assumes the new responsibility from today. All the leaders of the Japanese ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) welcomed him as Prime Minister. Suga has been an ally of Shinzo Abe for a long time. Until now, he held the post of chief secretary to the cabinet. He was elected premier of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan on Monday.

Responsibility for completing Abe’s unfinished business
Suga is responsible for carrying out Shinzo Abe’s unfinished business. Especially with regard to the domestic economy and foreign policy. Shinzo Abe has proven to be the most effective prime minister in foreign policy to date, but Suga still faces the greatest challenge dealing with the Corona outbreak. Suga is a special ally of Shinzo Abe for the first time since he became Prime Minister in 2006. The peculiarity is that Suga played a very important role in Abe’s return to power in 2012.

What are the main challenges Suga faces?
The challenge for China is as usual against Japan, so they will have to play an important role in the East China Sea. He also has the challenge of successfully hosting the Tokyo Olympics, which are postponed until next year, and it will also be a great challenge for him to improve relations with the next president or the incumbent president after the presidential election in America.

Shinzo Abe has resigned for health reasons
Earlier, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his cabinet resigned. His resignation paved the way for the formation of the next government. Abe had announced his resignation from his post as prime minister for health reasons.