Wuhan Residents Accuse Government Of Threatening Them With Lawsuits Against COVID | China surrounded by Corona in its own home, people go to court against government

Beijing: opposition has started at home against China, which has been targeted by the world because of the coronavirus. The Chinese are angry at the government’s efforts to fight CoronaVirus and want to take action against the culprits.

People’s anger has grown so much that they are now knocking on the door of the court against the Wuhan government. However, it is different than in China he is not allowed to take a single step against the government.

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Negligence is man-made
The son of Han Heng (Zhong Hanneng), 67, and some of his relatives have died because of Corona. He blamed the government’s negligence for this and tried to file a complaint against the local government, but was unsuccessful. Angered by the government’s attitude, Han Heng said, “They say Corona is a natural disaster, but the neglect is man-made and those who do should be severely punished.” My family is broken, I will never be happy in my life ”.

Constant threats
Han Heng is not alone, dozens of people like him want to file a complaint against the government, but they are constantly threatened by the administration. Even lawyers have been warned that helping local people in this case could have serious consequences. However, despite this, some lawyers secretly support the people in the struggle for justice.

The court rejected
So far, around five cases have been filed with the Wuhan Intermediate Court, in which the government has been accused of hiding the truth about the corona virus. Everyone who filed the case demanded compensation of two million yuan ($ 295,000) and a public apology on behalf of the government. However, the court dismissed the cases for unspecified procedural reasons. It should be noted that no written information was provided in this regard. People were told by phone that their appeal had been rejected. Although written notice is issued in such cases.

The government is afraid
Zhang Hai, who lost his father to the epidemic, said the local government did not want anyone to turn the court against him. We are constantly threatened by the authorities. They know that even if a case is registered, hundreds of people who have lost their loved ones will clash with the government.

These are allegations
People claim that the governments of Wuhan and Hubei provinces withheld information about Corona, without alerting the world in time, which turned Corona into an epidemic. He also says governments have hidden the fact that the virus is not natural but created in the laboratory. Significantly, Chinese virologist from China, Dr Li-Meng Yan, also said the crown was artificial and was made in the Wuhan lab.