Why Will Some Georgians Receive an Unexpected State Tax Refund?


Georgia taxpayers must file their returns by Monday, April 18. And now, millions of Georgians will be due a tax refund following Gov. Brian Kemp’s late March signing of a bill authorising an additional $1.1 billion in refunds due to the state’s revenue surplus.


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However, what about taxpayers who have already filed or received a refund?

According to the Georgia Department of Revenue, here are the answers to that and other questions about the House Bill 1302 tax refund:


How substantial is this refund?

It is determined by the manner in which you filed.

  • Individuals and married couples who filed separately may be eligible for up to $250.
  • Filers who are the head of household may receive up to $375.
  • Married couples filing jointly may be eligible for up to $500.


Thus, the refund could be less?

Yes, if you owe taxes from previous filings or if you owe money to the state for other reasons, such as overdue fees or child support.


Am I even qualified?

Yes, if you were a full-year resident of Georgia in 2020 or 2021 and filed a Georgia individual income tax return for those years.


What if I filed my return early?

Even if you filed your Georgia return early and received a refund, you are still eligible for the H.B. 1302 refund. The state will send you the latter refund separately – either via direct deposit to your designated bank account or via check if you previously received a refund via check.


When should I anticipate receiving my refund?

Although it can take up to 12 weeks for the Department of Revenue to process a tax filing, the majority are accepted within 21 days, or three weeks. For residents who have not yet filed, the additional refund will be combined with any other refund due. If you’ve already filed, you can access their website to check the status of your refund. https://gtc.dor.ga.gov/ /


I spend only a portion of the year in Georgia. Do I receive a refund?

Yes, but prorated — if you live here part time, you would receive a portion of the refund.

I filed a return for the year 2021 but was a dependent in 2020. Do I qualify for a refund under H.B. 1302?

No, this is not permitted under the bill.


What if I forget to file?

Monday, April 18 is the deadline for submitting an extension request. If you only require an extension from the State of Georgia, you will download and complete Form IT-303 from their website. Extensions must be requested within six months.


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