Why does China suddenly remember “Tagore” and “Dangal” in the midst of growing tension?

New Delhi: The Chinese government has expressed its reaction to the ban on 118 applications on behalf of India. The Chinese government has said India’s decision to ban 118 apps will not benefit any party. The Chinese government says the move will hurt Indian users as well as Chinese businesses. China’s decision is a violation of World Trade Organization (WTO) rules.

It is known that on Wednesday, September 2, India banned 118 mobile applications related to China, including the popular sports application PUBG. The reason is the threat to national security and concerns about data privacy. India has so far banned a total of 224 China-related apps. The latest decision came after rising border tensions with China in eastern Ladakh.

The relationship between the two countries is 1000 years old
“The Indian government has abused the concept of national security and adopted discriminatory sanctions against Chinese companies,” said the spokesperson for China’s Ministry of Commerce. This is a violation of the rules of the World Trade Organization and reduces its relevance. China urges India to rectify its bad processes.

At the same time, “China-India cooperation is beneficial for both economic and trade cooperation. China hopes the two countries will jointly maintain a ready-made cooperation environment. Also create an open and fair business environment for international investors and service providers, including Chinese companies.


He said that India and China are neighboring countries and both are proud of their civilizations. The relationship between the two countries dates back 1,000 years. Indian films like Indian Nobel Laureate Ravindra Nath Tagore, Yoga and Dangal are very popular in China. Chunying said, we misunderstand the world and say it cheated on us.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Huya Chunying said at a separate press conference, “India first undermined the rights and interests of Indian users by banning these high-tech applications. , easy to use and popular. . It has also damaged the interests of Chinese companies. No one has benefited from this approach. “

He said that US State Department spokesman Hua Chunying said, “I don’t know if there has been any interaction between India and the United States about this and there is a link. . ” Chunying said, but India as a country is an archaic civilization and smart enough to know the taping of dust boxes, prisms, itchy horns, muscle and sea internet cables.