WHO says India is in talks to join COVAX corona vaccine allocation plan | India to join WHO campaign to war against Corona outbreak

Geneva: The World Health Organization (WHO), which has been repeatedly praised for India’s efforts to fight CoronaVirus, wants India (India) to be part of its ambitious COVAX campaign. For this, the WHO is also in talks with India.
WHO is jointly working on the COVAX campaign for the allocation of the vaccine against the Corona virus. At the press conference, World Health Organization senior adviser Bruce Aylward said India, like all countries in the world, is definitely eligible to be part of the COVAX facility. We are in talks with New Delhi on this matter. We would be happy for the Indians to participate in this installation.

What is the goal of COVAX?
WHO and the GAVI Vaccine Alliance run the COVAX facility. Its goal is to help procure and distribute the Corona vaccine around the world. However, many countries, including America, did not participate in this campaign. They secured supplies by making a direct deal with the companies making the vaccine. WHO is trying to have easy access to the vaccine so that everyone can achieve complete success in the fight against the Corona virus. So this campaign was shaped.

Here, more good news
Meanwhile, more good news has been received regarding a vaccine. The clinical trial of the latest phase of the Russian Sputnik-V vaccine will begin in India from this month. Kirill Dmitriev, CEO of the Russian Direct Investment Fund, said the clinical trial of the vaccine will begin in India, including the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines and Brazil from this month. He also said that the first results of the third phase of the vaccine trial will be released in October-November.

Now the audience will have
Russia will make the vaccine against the Corona Sputnik-V virus available to the general public from this week. The vaccine was launched by President Vladimir Putin on August 11. According to the deputy director of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Denis Logunov, the Sputnik-V vaccine will be released for wider use after authorization from the Ministry of Health. The ministry will start testing this vaccine in a few days and we will get its approval soon.