While Hunting, Two College Wrestlers Were Ambushed by a Grizzly Bear


A grizzly bear attacked two college wrestlers from Wyoming while hunting over the weekend. According to a press release from the Wyoming Game & Fish Department, the incident happened on Saturday in Cody, Wyoming.

The two men were hunting for antlers west of the Bobcat Houlihan trailhead in the Shoshone National Forest when they came close to the bear in thick cover.

One of the men said he got on the grizzly bear to try getting Brady Lowry off it. Kendall Cummings told Cowboy State Daily, “I grabbed and pulled hard on his ear.” This was a violent attack.

Cummings kept going, “I could tell when he bit down on my bones and made them crackle. I could hear his teeth hitting my head.

After the two men escaped the attack and called 911, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department and Park County Search and Rescue came almost immediately.

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department said, “The two guys were able to get to the trailhead, where they met search and rescue. With the help of a resident, a hunter, and other party members, they were taken out of the area.”

One injured person was taken to a nearby hospital by helicopter, while the other was taken by ambulance.

While Hunting, Two College Wrestlers Were Ambushed by a Grizzly Bear

Both men, who wrestled together at Powell, Wyoming’s Northwest College, have had many operations on their bodies and faces because they were severely hurt. People say that Lowry’s arm is broken.

Dan Smith, in charge of wildlife in the Cody Region, thanked Park County Search and Rescue and the Park County Sheriff’s office for how quickly they came to help and how well they coordinated the rescue.

Authorities still looking into what happened, but they think it was just a “sudden, unexpected meeting with a grizzly bear.”

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Officials said that people should be cautious in the area of the attack because there has been “a lot of bear activity at low elevations” in the area in recent weeks.

“Landowners and hunters say there may be six to ten different bears in the area where the attack happened, moving between agricultural fields and low-lying slopes,” Smith said. Game and Fish will keep an eye on what the bears do in the area and work with USFWS to figure out how to manage them in the best way for the public’s safety.

Smith went on, “This is a sad and dire situation, and we hope that both people hurt will get well soon. But for now, Lowry and Cummings are happy to be alive and feel lucky to have made it through the attack at all.

“I don’t know what I’ll give him in return. I owe him everything.” Brady Lowry told the Cowboy Daily Press how Cummings’ quick actions may have saved his life. “We’ll be best friends for the rest of our lives.”

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