Which State Approved a $5,500 Cash Payment From the Stimulus Checks?


The Alaska State Government stepped up as the state with the most money granted to its citizens.

The possibility of a fourth stimulus package from the Biden Administration has vanished.

Biden’s economic team did not appear to find it convenient to continue granting checks due to inflation.

Alaska, on the other hand, wished to alleviate the state’s residents’ inflationary pressures.

Stimulus Check


Alaskans will receive $5,500 in cash payments (stimulus checks).

The Alaska State Senate approved the $5,500 stimulus check by a vote of 15-5.

The initiative is now in the House of Representatives after being approved by the Senate.


What is included in the package?

Alaska residents will receive a $1,300 stimulus check to help with the cost of their energy bills.

However, the Alaska Senate voted 10-9 to approve a $4,200 extra dividend.

Alaska’s dividend payments will be increased to $2.8 billion.


Will the initiative be approved by the House?

Some legislators believe the bill will be defeated in the state House.

“We have all these conservative people who have been nickel and diming different bills and saying, ‘We have to save money,'” Alaska House Speaker Louise Stutes explained.

To reach an agreement, both chambers will form a conference committee.

If the House does not approve the stimulus package, Alaskans will still receive additional funds.


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The bill may pass. Nonetheless, Alaska residents may see a lower amount of money.

“Last month, the Alaskan House of Representatives passed a budget that included the same $1,300 check, but a significantly reduced dividend payment of $1,250,” according to 19fortyfive.

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