Where Is My Tax Refund From North Carolina?


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Many people are looking forward to receiving their North Carolina state tax refund as the cost of groceries and gas continues to rise.

According to Action 9′s Jason Stoogenke, there are several reasons why some people are experiencing a delay in receiving their refund.


tax refund


North Carolina lawmakers approved the state budget, which included numerous tax law changes, later than usual. The North Carolina Department of Revenue said the delayed legislative approval would cause a lag in refund processing. More information and a video about the process are available on the agency’s website.

NCDOR officials told Stoogenke that the agency began issuing refunds this week.

When you receive your refund will be determined by when you filed your taxes. According to state officials, most taxpayers should receive their refunds by the end of this month.

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You may also face a delay if you made an error on your tax return.


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The following are some of the most common mistakes:

– Failure to sign the return.

– Errors in your name, Social Security number, or bank account information.

– Incorrectly claiming dependents or the child tax credit.

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