Where Can I Purchase a $300 Stimulus? Check back in May. How to Get an EBT Card…


The Labor Department reported a 0.03 percent increase in average worker earnings in April, compared to a 0.04 percent increase in March. This establishes a precedent for declining revenues over time.


What is the maximum Social Security Disability benefit you can receive?

According to the Social Security Administration, the average SSDI benefit for a disabled worker was $1,358.30 per month at the end of 2021. As of December 2021, 85 percent of beneficiaries were receiving monthly payments of less than $2,000. In 2022, the maximum monthly benefit you could receive is $3,345.

Stimulus Check


Sunday, May 8th, welcome to the American Finances liveblog. Even on weekends, we bring you the most recent financial news and money-saving tips from across the United States.

Using a simple and efficient tool, you can determine the status of your particular tax refund application. We will explain everything you need to know about your 2021 tax return, including what to do if you have not yet received your refund. We will explain why certain locations, specifically Georgia, are taking so long.

Those who have completely forgotten to file their tax returns will also receive guidance, as it is still possible to avoid late fees.

Even if you are not a resident of Delaware, you can take advantage of the programs we will describe.

Similarly, some tips for saving money will help you cope with this period of high inflation and rising gas prices.

As we do every day, we’ll also keep you abreast of the most compelling financial breaking news. We will notify you on this page if a major transaction is finalized or if there is a significant development that could affect these average prices.


Stimulus Check 2022 Update: Cash Payments of $5,500 Approved in This State

If You Live Here, You Could Receive an Extra $1,000 in Monthly Stimulus Payments.

Your Stimulus Check Will Be Deposited Into Your Venmo Account in Minutes. Here’s How It Works:

Therefore, there is much to discuss on this Sunday’s live blog for the most recent financial news in the United States. Consequently, on May 8, stay current with all of our updates, with the most recent entries appearing at the top of the page.

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