When Michelle wanted to throw Barack Obama out the window, know everything | When Michelle wanted to throw Barack Obama out the window, know everything

Washington: Recently Michelle Obama spoke openly about her relationship with Barack Obama. He revealed that it was also the time when he had “the spirit to throw Barack Obama out of the window”. Speaking openly about the relationship, he said the marriage should be seen as if you were picking a basketball team.

In a recent episode of her Spotify podcast, Michelle said that young couples, especially when they have young children, struggle to cope with fatigue, stress, and a shared role in raising a child and lending. pay attention to their relationship. Let.

Michelle said that it had happened a couple of times that I wanted to throw Barack Obama out the window, okay. And I say this because you have to know how intense the emotions will be, but that doesn’t mean that you go away and that time can go on for a long time, sometimes years.

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Michelle further said: ‘I would like to say if this breaks the marriage up then Barak and I wouldn’t know how many times they have broken up and joined married life so far but our relationship is very strong. If I had left the relationship in this bad period, if I had left, I would have been deprived of the beauty that was in this relationship ”.

Significantly, Michelle and Barack Obama first met in 1989 and they will be celebrating their 28th wedding anniversary next month. They have 2 daughters Sasha and Malia, Sasha is 19 and Malia is 22. Speaking of being her mother and keeping the relationship in her relationship, Michelle said that I have to be there and that I have to go and that this is my body and my husband is kind of a puzzle that I spent my life was Alive A kind of resentment had started. What happened to me, what happened to my best friend.