What You Need to Know About Enrolling or Re-enrolling in Social Security


We want to assist you in obtaining the services you require as quickly and safely as possible. Your personal mySocial Security account, which you can access at www.ssa.gov/myaccount, is your portal to doing business with us online.

Whether you receive benefits now or in the future, you should set up your own my Social Security account or use one that you already have. Over 65 million people have already created an account!


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Did you know you can use your personal my Social Security account to do a variety of things? In most states, you can request a replacement Social Security card, check the status of your application or appeal, verify your earnings, estimate future benefits, or manage the benefits you already receive.

We are dedicated to safeguarding your information and benefits, and we take this responsibility seriously. That is why, in order to create a personal mySocial Security account, we require personal information to verify your identity. We collaborate with third-party partners to securely verify your identity. We do this to protect your data while also making our online services as user-friendly as possible.

Are you ready to sign up? You can now create a new my Social Security account using either Login.gov or ID.me as a credential partner. Login.gov is the public’s single account for simple, secure, and private access to participating United States government agencies.

ID.me is a single sign-on provider that meets the online identity proofing and authentication requirements of the United States government.

Your username, password, and two-step verification factors are all part of your credential. A reputable credential partner assists us in securely verifying your identity online.

Here’s a quick rundown of what you’ll need to know when setting up or accessing your personal mySocial Security account.


1. I have never accessed my Social Security benefits and do not have a Login.gov or ID.me credential:

To get started, go to the my Social Security page at www.ssa.gov/myaccount. You will be able to sign up for an account with your preferred credential partner, such as Login.gov or ID.me. Keep the following in mind:

You must be at least 18 years old and have a Social Security number.

When you choose “Sign in with Login.gov” or “Sign in with ID.me,” you will be redirected to the partner’s website.

You must supply a valid email address as well as some additional information.

After you’ve created the credential, you’ll be directed back to the my Social Security page for the next steps.


2. I’ve never used my Social Security number, but I already have a Login.gov or ID.me credential:

Sign in with your Social Security number on the my Social Security website at www.ssa.gov/myaccount and follow the prompts.


3. I used a Social Security username and password that I created before September 18, 2021 to access my Social Security:

You should still use your Social Security username and password to sign in. This is the first option on the secure.ssa.gov/RIL/SiView.action Sign In screen.


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4. I used my existing Login.gov or ID.me credentials to access my Social Security:

You can access my Social Security account using either your Login.gov or ID.me credentials.

Please encourage your friends and family to open a personal my Social Security account at www.ssa.gov/myaccount today.

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