What Is the Processing Date for the IRS Account Transcript 2022?


There are a lot of people in the United States right now who are waiting for their tax returns, which are sent out by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

One frequent approach for determining when you might receive your tax return is to determine the day using your transcript cycle code.


What is the transcript cycle code for me?

If you have a tax transcript cycle code, it implies that your return has made it onto the IRS master file (IMF), which usually means that your filed tax return is now being processed by the IRS.

However, in order to determine your return or refund status, you must combine the cycle code and tax topic code, which change during the IRS processing cycle.




If you see the 846 code on your transcript, it implies that the IRS has processed your return and determined your expected direct deposit date.

Because the IRS updates returns in cycles, your IRS cycle code can tell you which batch you’re in and when your transcript tax return information is updated, whether on a daily or weekly basis.


When will the processing be completed?

The free official IRS transcript will show you your cycle date, which is an eight-digit number that follows the format of year-week-day-of-week. As a result, it will look like 20220602.

The first four digits identify the tax processing year, which is 2022 in this case.



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The fifth and sixth digits represent the week of the year, so ’06’ would indicate that it is the sixth calendar week of the year.

The seventh and eighth numbers represent the day of the week for your IRS Account as well as the date it was posted to the IRS master file.

The IRS weekly processing starts on Friday, so 01 = Friday, 02 = Monday, 03 = Tuesday, 04 = Wednesday, and 05 = Thursday are normally allocated for weekly processing.

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