What industries and business sectors are using chatbots today?


A conversation with a chatbot gives them an opportunity to ask any questions. Another example of a chatbot use case on social media is Lyft which enabled its clients to order a ride straight from Facebook Messenger or Slack. They can track the customer journey to find the person’s preferences, interests, and needs. Sign-up forms are usually ignored, and many visitors say that they ruin the overall website experience. Bots can engage the warm leads on your website and collect their email addresses in an engaging and non-intrusive way.

Which chatbot type segment dominated the market?

The standalone segment led the global chatbot market with a revenue share of 57.2% in 2021. Read More

In India, the number of internet users is expected to increase from 481 million as of December 2017 to 829 million by 2021. India’s E-commerce revenue is expected to jump from US$ 39 billion in 2017 to US$ 120 billion in 2020, growing at an annual rate of 51 percent, the highest in the world. HR chatbot can take this burden off your HR department’s shoulders and collect feedback engagingly by chatting with all or specific employees. For example, you want to gather feedback about a recent event you have held, and instead of sending a boring Google Form, you can design an engaging survey inside the chatbot.

#5. Conversational AI for Messaging Apps

The chatbot is also able to give recommendations and solutions to the customer of what to do next and how to solve his/her issue. Chatbots are increasingly being incorporated into businesses and fast becoming the future of the Internet. In fact, a survey conducted by Oracle suggests that in 2020, the chatbot market is expected to grow seeing as 80% of businesses want to adopt chatbots.

Chatbot In Different Industries

The global B2C market is $250 billion in value, while the global B2B market is $560 billion. They may have issues with payments, pending transactions, fraud, or other matters. In the grand scheme of things, this is a good problem for the consumer to have. First, automate maintenance notifications to keep affected customers in the know.

Edtech Industries

Chatbots can be used to streamline your personal services such as fitness, diet, health, or day-to-day activities. Every fitness goal requires a different set of workout plans and a nutrition diet to be followed. Lyft accepts ride requests via chat on Facebook Messenger and Slack.

It will send your message to everyone on the list and then keep track of who responds. Let’s start by looking at chatbot use cases across different business functions. Or, sign-up for a FREE DEMO to see how an advanced conversational AI bot performs 90% of business activities without any human involvement. The manufacturing industry involves large-scale customer queries and operations. Manually handling interactions causes reduced results due to delayed responses and inefficient processes. The HR department often holds different surveys like employee satisfaction surveys, surveys after certain events, or things.

Customer engagement

Businesses come across multiple types of chatbots that they can use on their website for various purposes. This section aims to cover some of the prominent types of chatbots that you should know of before getting a chatbot tool for your business. Before we dive into chatbot uses, let’s understand the types of chatbots first. To help you understand how chatbots are used, we’ve listed down 20 popular ways a business can use them. In addition to this, some financial service companies are using the technology to do more advanced tasks. This includes suggesting the benefits of credit cards to customers, which they might not be aware of and have been approved for, as well as asking them about their long-term money-saving goals.

  • Sherabot can showcase hotel features, services, amenities, and local attractions.
  • First, automate maintenance notifications to keep affected customers in the know.
  • But because they’re on a computer miles away, one of two things will happen.
  • ↔ … assign customer inquiries as conversation tickets to your co-workers manually or automatically.
  • That being said, let us see the applications of a chatbot in different domains.
  • Chatlayer by Sinch, for example, has developed AI-based bots that can engage in sophisticated conversations, and are easy to implement.

The chatbot can be taught to ask sales-oriented questions that will get the customer interested in your offerings. The conversation should ideally end with the customer taking an action in their buyer journey. Chatbots are important because they streamline the interactions between the customer and the company. Likewise, they also enhance customer engagement and reduce the operational costs of a customer service center.

#10. Chabot Use Cases Across Different Industries

However, ISA Migration used a CRM that was built entirely by them, in-house. They needed a custom solution to integrate the chatbot with their Chatbot In Different Industries CRM to store and nurture leads. The chatbot shows which Containers are available based on their location and the client’s nearest branch.

They are one of the important conversational bankingtrends adopted by many banks. The chatbot helped the participants to stay consistent with their workout routine and also use the bot for a variety of other physical activities. For example manages large candidate pools, giving FirstJob recruiters and hiring managers more time to focus on interviews and closing offers. Report found that only 17% of global HR executives are ready to manage a workforce with people, robots, and AI working side by side.

Customer service chatbot use cases

For example, if your patient is using the medication reminder already, you can add a symptom check for each of the reminders. So, for diabetic treatment, the chatbot can ask if the patient had any symptoms during the day. And for pain medication, the bot can display a pain level scale and ask in how much pain the patient is in at the moment of fulfilling the survey.

Chatbot In Different Industries

To us at Headliner, the seven described above are the low-hanging fruit, where chatbots can be easily plugged into existing operations to effectuate increased revenue and cost savings. A chatbot could notify customers when a bill is due or when a payment is processed. Customers can also use a chatbot to log important fraud reports, helping banking services cut down on the number of fraudulent transactions. Segment your audience by location, age, gender, and other metrics to personalize the chatbot’s messages. Or you can use a chatbot to track engagement by asking customers to rate their experience or answer survey questions. Chatbots can be used to conduct marketing campaigns on popular messaging channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and WeChat.

Chatbot In Different Industries

In this article, we’ll have a look at the 21 most popular chatbot use cases for the Retail, Travel, Education, HR, and Real Estate industries. In this section, we plan to explore some of the popular chatbot use cases to help you understand the functionality of this automation tool. For instance, bankers are using them to help solve customers’ problems with transactions and their accounts. Chatbots are also being used to do things like supply a customer with their current bank balance, and locate the nearest cash machine for them.


Someone interested in painting classes visits your website but can’t find the course that would suit their needs. How to Add Free Live Chat Learn how to add chat to your business website in eight easy steps. Despite uncertainty caused by COVID-19, the demand for AI is steady. AI will continue to play a critical role in businesses staying agile and ahead of… “You need to create an environment and a culture that allows people to experiment and innovate. ↔ … assign customer inquiries as conversation tickets to your co-workers manually or automatically.

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This includes helping the client to select the offer that best suits their needs. With a banking chatbot, financial institutions can be there whenever their customers need them, regardless of time or location. A chatbot is available 24/7 and with a 99% uptime, so there’s no need to only work bankers hours anymore.

How are chatbots used in hospitality industry?

Hotel chatbots can help by providing 24/7 customer service. Put simply, this means customers can receive a timely response, regardless of the time of day, even when you might not have customer service staff on hand to respond to them personally.

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