Washington Residents Would Receive Cash Each Month Under a New Stimulus Plan.


Are you experiencing the agony of price increases every time you look at your bank statement?

The cost of inflation in 2021, calculated using the CPI, is currently at 7% for the entire country.

What if we zoom in on Washington state? To be sure, the cost of used cars in Washington has increased by 40%.

That is correct. Demand for used cars has increased significantly as a result of supply shortages.


Here’s some additional information from today’s show.

Senator Mitt Romney of Utah says he has a solution for many people who are struggling with price increases across the country. Romney has introduced a new program that will increase financial security for American families by combining existing policies to create a single universal child benefit. The Family Security Act is the name of this new program. The FSA-created child benefit would pay families with children $4,200 per child under the age of six and $3,000 per child over the age of six.


Stimulus Check


This Is The Proposal

Romney’s Family Security Act increases benefits and expands eligibility to include more parents, but it would supplant various welfare programs in America, including food stamps (SNAP), cash assistance, and Medicaid.


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He has expressed his views on why he believes his new program will succeed; here is a sample of those views:

My opinion is that if you can find a way to save money and spend the money you already have more effectively, that is a better course of action… Now that Build Back Better is in limbo or worse, there is a growing series of discussions taking place—at least among Senate members, but also among House members—to say, “All right, let’s revisit family security and children and see if we can pass something on a bipartisan basis.”

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