US Warns Israel to Avoid Chinese Investment | China’s big game in the Middle East, investing millions of dollars in America’s “ best friend ” country

Tel Aviv: China has adopted two formulas to strengthen its influence and expansionism in the world. First, it increases its impact by investing in infrastructure such as roads, electricity and water in developing countries. At the same time, investing in the research of new technologies in developed countries, acquires modern technology. If these fixed formulas benefit him financially, in the case of technology, his royalty increases. But now the United States has announced to throw a scissors at these formulas from China.

Please say that Israel has no equivalent in terms of technology. Today, this small Jewish country in the Middle East has all the modern technologies that every country in the world wants. There has been a historic dispute between Arab Muslims and Israeli Jews in this area. In such a situation, no country is immune from open support from one party. Given the experiences with America, China is now taking a step in this area in a measured way. He is trying not to fall prey to hostility from Arab countries and Israel, but to try both sides alike.

In fact, China gets oil and gas from the Arab countries in this region. With which its factories operate. At the same time, these countries are also big buyers of products made in China. On the other hand, Israel is the master of the latest technologies. Thanks to which China can obtain the latest technology for commercial and military use. With that in mind, 42 Chinese companies have entered into 90 trade deals with Israeli companies in the past 10 years.

All of these companies are believed to be a mask of the Chinese Communist Party and its PLA army and invest in other countries to acquire new technology on their instructions. Chinese company ZTE has invested heavily in Rainbow Medical in Israel. Likewise, the large Chinese company Baidu has invested in 5 companies in Israel. Chinese company Huawei and Hexatier Company have also invested in several Israeli companies.

This yari rising between China and Israel has raised America’s ears. Rising above the party line, lawmakers from both the Republican and Democratic parties have raised serious concerns over the issue and called on Israel to reduce the level of its relations with China. The US administration has warned Israel that Chinese investment in the tech sector is a serious danger signal.

The United States has said that China’s investment outside our country’s borders poses a serious threat. Through this strategy, China is trying to assert its authority over most parts of the world. In such a situation, all friendly countries in America, including Israel, should be careful with this Chinese strategy and move away sharply from it.

Let’s say Israel is the most modern country in the world after America and Russia. Where all the time, work continues on new techniques. This is the reason why this Jewish country, although very small, does not dominate the surrounding powerful Muslim countries.

In 1967, six Muslim countries jointly attacked him over the question of Palestine. But Israel, with the help of its modern weapons, not only ruined the armies of all these countries, but also took away much of the territory of these countries. These lands still belong to Israel and the Muslim countries have not been able to muster the courage to take them back. In view of Israel’s mastery in the field of technology, China now wants to realize its dream of expansionism by investing in it. What has now caught the attention of America.