US Presidential Election 2020: First Postal Ballot Issued in North Carolina | First ballot for the 2020 US presidential election launched in North Carolina

Washington: An absent / postal ballot was issued in the state of southern North Carolina ahead of the November 2020 US presidential election. This information was provided by the spokesperson for the North Carolina Board of Elections. These ballots were given to voters who requested them. By mail ballot is meant a mail ballot sent by post to those who ask to vote at home because of their absence during the vote on polling day.

Democratic voters are in high demand
According to a local media report, more than 6.4 lakh voters have applied for this ballot in North Carolina this year so far. Although it is possible that thousands more voters will ask for it. At the same time, according to information from the Xinhua News Agency, figures so far show that requests for ballots are made more by Democratic voters. They represent more than three times the number of Republican voters.

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Registration requests increased during the Corona period
This figure is much higher than in the last presidential election. The report says that so far, before the 2016 election, only 38,871 voters had requested postal ballots. According to data from political scientist Michael McDonald of the University of Florida, the number of Americans who sent out mail-in ballots was 10% in the 2000 election, which rose to 21% in 2016.

That number is expected to increase significantly this year due to the coronavirus outbreak. At the same time, their ballots will automatically be sent to 4.4 million voters in nine states and voters in the “District of Columbia”.

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