US election 2020: Donald Trump admits to downplaying the severity of COVID-19 | Now Donald Trump was in trouble for an old interview he had agreed to underestimate Corona

Washington: His old interview with US President Donald Trump during election season (US elections 2020) has become embarrassing. In this interview, Trump admitted that he intentionally showed the danger of CoronaVirus. Trump is already the target of opposition to Corona’s ravages in America and now this revelation has made him more aggressive.

This interview is from February to March, but just before the election it was published recently for an upcoming book on the market. There may be many more revelations regarding Trump in this book. In the cut of the interview, Donald Trump can be heard saying that he intentionally reduced Corona’s danger. However, he also clarified that he did so for the public good.

Fourth book this year
In an interview with a local news channel, Donald Trump said, “I haven’t always wanted to pay more attention to the transition to Corona, and I have done so for the benefit of the public.” Because I didn’t want people to be unnecessarily nervous. I always do that. A cut from the interview for the book “Rage” to be released on September 15 has been published. It is the fourth book of its kind to be published this year, in which the secrets related to Donald Trump have been revealed.

Disclosures will prove dangerous!
The presidential elections are due to be held in the United States on November 3, in such a situation, this disclosure showing Trump’s position on the corona virus could prove harmful to them. America is the most crown affected country in the world. So far, nearly 190,000 people have died from the crown and Donald Trump is considered innocent enough for that. From the start, Trump hesitated to understand the severity of the crown. He not only opposed the strict measures implemented to prevent the virus, but was also ahead in breaking the rules. The general public also believes that the Trump administration has failed to deal with the Corona crisis. The opposition is vigorously pursuing this issue. Several polls have also revealed that this time it will not be easy for Trump to win the election.

Cheating with Americans
After this revelation, the Donald Trump opposition was attacked. Trump’s opponent Joe Biden said during his election campaign in Michigan: “He knew how deadly the corona virus was, but he lied to the American public.” He deliberately and willfully continued to lie for months about the danger facing the country. He deceived the locals ”. However, the Trump administration has denied all allegations