US accuses Hezbollah of collecting explosive chemicals in Europe |

Washington: A senior US State Department official said that the Hezbollah, a terrorist organization, had collected chemicals to make explosives in several European countries, and also called on Europe and other countries to to prohibit.

Hezbollah agents have moved ammonium nitrate from Belgium to France, Greece, Italy, Spain and Switzerland in recent years and to Europe It is also suspected of collecting it in countries.

Iran supported Hezbollah
Sales showed the United States believed Iran-backed Hezbollah was secretly transferring ammonium nitrate into the “ First Ad Kit ” across Europe since 2012. America believes that it is still supplied throughout Europe, possibly Greece, Italy and Spain. He said: “What will Hezbollah’s ammonium nitrate stockpile do on European soil?”

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Preparations for major terrorist attacks
Sales said, “The answer is clear, Hezbollah is picking them up for major terrorist attacks so that they can execute them on the orders of their leader sitting in Tehran.” Sales made the statement during an online event hosted by and by the American Jewish Committee. He also demanded a ban on Hezbollah from other countries. The United States has declared Hezbollah a terrorist organization since 1997. (Input language)

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