Update on the Stimulus Check 2022: These States Are Expected to Receive Payments in May


Residents of four states in the United States may be eligible for upcoming stimulus payments, which are expected to begin in May in response to the country’s high inflation rate.

Three states are expected to make payments this month – California, Delaware, and Indiana – while Chicago will distribute prepaid gas and transit cards.


Stimulus Check


The following is a list of the state’s upcoming payments.


California Golden State Stimulus I (GSS I) and Golden State Stimulus II (GSS II) are two stimulus packages that were enacted last year and will provide financial assistance to eligible California residents (GSS II).

Residents of the state will receive a check for $600 or $1,200 as part of the first stimulus package, and a check for up to $1,100 as part of the second stimulus package. Certain individuals may receive lower payments under GSS II depending on their eligibility for GSS I and other factors.

Residents of California who earn less than $75,000 per year and file their taxes by October 15, 2021, are eligible. The Franchise Tax Board (FTB) of the state is expected to issue a new batch of checks in June.

According to the FTB’s website, residents should determine their eligibility for one or both stimulus payments.


The state of Delaware intends to issue a tax rebate by the end of May. Individual filers will receive a $300 tax credit, while married couples filing jointly will receive a $600 tax credit.

Residents of Delaware who have filed their personal income tax returns for 2020 will be eligible for the rebates. Delaware Online reports that the rebate is also available to residents who did not earn enough money to file taxes in 2020.

“The state anticipates initiating payments in May based on 2020 return data,” the Delaware Department of Finance (DOF) told The United States Sun.

Additionally, the Department of Defense stated that they anticipate making additional payments.


The state of Indiana will begin offering tax rebates to eligible residents in May of this year.

Individual filers will be compensated with $125, while married couples will be compensated with $250. Individuals who filed taxes in the state prior to January 3, 2022 are eligible.

While paper checks may not be issued until July or August, those who included banking information on their 2021 tax returns will be paid directly.


While the state of Illinois anticipates paying eligible taxpayers up to $400 later this year, the city of Chicago will provide residents with prepaid gas and transportation cards.

Up to 50,000 $150 prepaid gas cards and 100,000 $50 prepaid transportation cards will be distributed by the city. The cards will be distributed by Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago Moves program.

According to the Chicago Moves website, 75% of the cards will “prioritize residents in community areas where mobility is more difficult.” The remaining 25% will be distributed “equally among the city’s wards.”


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The cards will be distributed through a lottery that will begin in the second week of May and run through September.

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