Update on Stimulus Payments: These States Are Considering More Payments


As the United States continues to struggle with inflation, high gas prices, and the COVID-19 pandemic, a number of states are contemplating sending direct payments to their residents.

Several states have already scheduled stimulus payments for this month.


Stimulus Check


Below is a list of states in which policymakers are also considering distributing stimulus funds.

Update on Stimulus Payments: States Consider Additional Payments

A number of states are contemplating sending direct payments to their residents. Above, economic stimulus checks are prepared for printing on May 8, 2008 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the Philadelphia Financial Center.



Senate Democrats in California have proposed sending $200 one-time cash rebates to families earning less than $250,000 annually. According to the Los Angeles Times, families would receive $200 per taxpayer and $200 per child under the proposal. The total cost of the package would be $8 billion.



This week, Governor Tim Walz stated that his proposal to send $500 rebate checks to nearly 3 million Minnesota households is “very much alive.” According to the Duluth News-Tribune, however, legislators have not yet moved to implement the plan.


Governor Jared Polis and legislative leaders in Colorado proposed the Colorado Cashback program last month, which would provide residents who qualify with a $400 payment this summer. This week, a key House committee advanced the plan, per CBS Denver.



Governor Laura Kelly proposed a one-time $250 tax rebate for all Kansas residents who filed a tax return for the year 2020 in 2021. She mentioned the rising cost of gasoline and other necessities.

“Without the hard work of Kansas taxpayers, our robust economic growth would not be possible, and I wish to return this money to the people who earned it. Especially now, when we are all feeling the effects of rising gas and food prices, the state can have an immediate and direct effect on helping Kansas families pay their bills and save for the future “Kelly stated in a declaration.



The Hawaii Legislature and Governor David Ige appear prepared to approve a new state tax rebate. According to the Hawaii news website Civil Beat, the House of Representatives advanced a bill last week that would give tax filers earning less than $100,000 per year $300 and those earning more than $100,000 $100.


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Recently, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf has advocated for a plan to send direct payments to state residents. His proposal would provide up to $2,000 in checks to households with incomes of $80,000 or less.

“The current economic climate is difficult, as prices for everything from gasoline to food have increased, and I’m here to discuss potential solutions. I support long-term solutions to better support working families, such as raising the minimum wage, but I’m also proposing an immediate solution to assist Pennsylvanians in regaining their footing “Wolf said at the end of April.

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