Update on Stimulus Checks: Governor Wants to Accelerate Payments


While no federal legislation authorizing a fourth stimulus check has been introduced, one Democratic governor recently announced plans to accelerate payments to all qualified state residents.

Governor Jared Polis and the Colorado Legislature proposed the Colorado Cashback program on Monday, which would award eligible individuals a $400 reward this summer.

Stimulus Check


Polis’ declaration comes as inflation in the United States continues to soar. The Labor Department projects an 8.5 percent increase in March over the previous year, the largest increase in more than 40 years.

“Without their knowledge, people are paying more for everyday necessities like gasoline, groceries, and rent,” Polis said on Monday. “Rather than the government withholding money earned by Coloradans, we want to distribute cash to everyone as quickly as possible to provide immediate relief and allow individuals to spend their money however they wish.”

According to the announcement, qualified citizens who file their 2021 state tax forms by May 31st will receive tax rebate checks.


“The Colorado Cashback will pay $400 to a single filer and $800 to a combined filer.”

According to Polis’ office, the proposal being submitted to the legislature will provide immediate relief to Colorаdans by providing tax refunds by September 15 of this year, rather than in the spring of 2023. “In August or September, all qualifying Colorado income tax filers will receive a check-in.”

Polis justified the tax rebate program by citing “inflationary and cost-of-living effects.”

“Refunding $400 or $800 to every taxpayer in our state immediately benefits workers and middle-clаss fаmilies facing rising costs of everyday products,” Colorаdo’s Majority Leader Dаneyа Esgаr said of the Cаshbаck program.

“People are working longer and longer hours to earn enough money to acquire the necessities,” Esgаr added. We recognize this and are working to make our tax code more equitable. Putting money back in your pocket benefits all areas of the state, particularly rural Colorado and communities still in recovery.


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Along with Colorado, several other states have taken steps to expand economic opportunities for their residents. Georgia, New Mexico, Indiana, Idaho, and New Jersey governors have all approved legislation that will provide additional funds to qualified residents who file their tax returns.

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