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Also applies to housekeeping services that do not require delivery of keys

Masaru Kurihara / 2020.10.19

The doors can be unlocked by facial recognition (provided by the Bit key)

Bitkey, a startup, is developing a “digital key” product that unlocks doors using smartphones and other devices. The company began to apply it not only to residential entrances, but also to a wide range of applications such as apartment entrances and delivery boxes, office entrances and conference rooms.

Yuki Ejiri, CEO of the company (Photo 1), said: “The number of doors installed is extremely higher than the national population and the number of smartphones widely used. Therefore, since its establishment in August 2018, the demand for keys digital is sufficient. I walked on it. “

Photo 1 Yuki Ejiri, CEO of Bitkey

The digital key here refers to a digital technology that uses a smartphone, the Internet, Bluetooth, etc. to unlock the entry key and the automatic automatic door lock. Also called smart lock or smart key, it is gradually being used.

Twist your thumb with smartphone information

Bitkey launched the first “bitlock LITE” digital key product in April 2019. Bitlock LITE is a product that is primarily intended for use at the front door of a home (one by one such as an apartment), and a small device that moves the thumb (circular button for unlocking from the inside) is attached. When the smartphone is brought closer to the small device inside the outside of the door, the information of the “digital key” stored in the smartphone is transmitted by short-range wireless communication, and the small device turns its thumb to unlock it.

The “bitlock PRO” released in July of the same year is a specialized product for professional use such as offices and rental of conference rooms. It was used to manage authority such as who can enter which room when, and to record who actually unlocked the door to which room when. At the same time, he also released “Same GATE”, which unlocks the automatic lock at the entrance to the apartment and opens the toggle gate at the entrance to the office.

Fees for using bitlock LITE start from 300 yen per unit per month. It appears that the monthly billing system that doesn’t require an upfront cost, which CEO Ejiri points out as “causing price destruction,” lowered the introductory threshold, and in January 2020 it won over 120,000 orders.

On the other hand, bitlock PRO starts from 2000 yen per month and GATE starts from 2000 yen per door. In October 2020, bitlock GATE “decided to install thousands of buildings and have already installed them in hundreds of buildings,” Ejiri said. By the end of 2020, we are looking to receive orders for one million units for the entire bitlock series.