Two Temple Law Students Are Travelling to Poland to Help Ukrainian Migrants | Latest Update!


During their spring break, two Temple University law students volunteered to assist Ukrainian migrants fleeing to Poland.
Patrick Long and Joe Hogan, both of Bucks County, said they felt obligated to help since they both have the finances and because this part of the region has such a strong Ukrainian population.

“‘I think for spring break I’m going to go to Poland and help out,’ I told Patrick. ‘If you’re going, I’m going,’ he said “Hogan recalled.

This week, Long and Hogan met up with a friend in Warsaw, Poland.

“We jumped in a car and drove straight to the border. We didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into… With the refugees, the Polish Border Guard is quite helpful. It’s a pretty systematic procedure “Long stated.

The law students collaborated with World Central Kitchen, a global charity organization. They are assisting the group in scouting places for larger welcome centers since the number of refugees is projected to increase dramatically.

The emotion of seeing immigrants cross the border to safety was described by Long as follows: “It was like a human moment because you were there and all you did was hold your heart out to them, and they would approach you. It was a truly human experience.”

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Both men stated that they put their law school training to good use and that they intend to continue to assist legally even after they return to the United States.

“The financing is there; the question is how do we set up a structure to ensure that we’re spending these dollars in the most effective way possible to ensure that we can have cheap housing and help people transition to a better life?” Long stated.

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