Two Staffers Were Slain in a Shooting at a Dallas Hospital


22 Oct. Two people who worked at the Methodist Dallas Medical Center were shot and killed on Saturday.

Police said that Nestor Hernandez, who is 30 years old, was charged with capital murder. He has to wear an ankle monitor while he is out on parole for aggravated robbery.

Police in Dallas said that both of the victims were nurses. They were shot near the maternity ward of the hospital. KRLD said that the suspect shot two people who worked in the maternity ward.

When an officer nearby saw the man with a gun, he shot him. The new Linda and Mitch Hart Breast Cancer Center won’t be open to breast cancer survivors.

No one knows who the victims are. “Our hearts go out to everyone affected,” tweeted Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia.

“Along with the rest of our community, I am horrified by the lack of responsibility and unfairness of giving violent offenders more chances than victims. Too far!”

Insiders say that Jeffries and Clark used to be friendly rivals, but now they are close friends. Clark has spent the last two elections trying to get the support of caucuses. The Massachusetts Democrat is close to the Black, Hispanic, and Asian caucuses and has a lot of support from women members.

Clark could run against Rep. Pramila Jayapal, who is the first Indian American to serve in the House. The Washington Democrat says she wants to be in charge of another group, but she hasn’t said which one.

Jayapal would need a lot of support to go from being the leader of the ideology to being the leader of the caucus. Last year, she upset moderates by blocking an infrastructure bill to push for Biden’s Build Back Better plan.

Democrats passed a bill for roads and bridges as well as the Inflation Reduction Act, which was a bill for the environment and health care that was cut down.

“I don’t think we made a mistake,” Jayapal told reporters. “I don’t think it’s a good idea to say that over and over again, but we got what we wanted.”

Rep. Joe Neguse, who is 38 and the son of Eritrean immigrants, is a rising star in the party. His colleagues say he has been working hard to get the votes he needs to replace Jeffries as caucus head.

Two Staffers Were Slain in a Shooting at a Dallas Hospital

Neguse and Aguilar are both great communicators, and neither of them has a rival right now. If there are a lot of changes after the election, that could change.

He says, “No one will be left alone.” A House Democrat said, “We are the Democratic Party.”

People who want to move up the leadership ladder are running for caucus vice chair, a lower-level job. Reps. Ted Lieu, 53, of California, and Debbie Dingell, 68, of Michigan, are co-chairs of the House Policy and Communications Committee, which is the Democrats’ policy and messaging arm.

Joyce Beatty, 72, of Ohio is the chair of the Congressional Black Caucus. Madeleine Dean, 63, of Pennsylvania is the vice chair of the Judiciary Committee.

Dean was also elected in the wave of votes against Trump in 2018. She said that Jeffries, Clark, and Aguilar represent “a change in generations, new blood, new voices, different talents, and a range of locations.”

“We’re working on it. Dean said in an interview on Friday, “That’s why I’m running: I want our caucus to be as successful as possible.”

“The top three will change at some point,” she said. “I don’t say anyone has to go when or where they do that. They have been wonderful. I am very happy that I joined them four years ago.

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The Old Guard

Pelosi, Hoyer, and Clyburn keep pushing. They’ve been working with their fellow lawmakers to try to keep their majority. Pelosi raised $213 million for her party this cycle, while Hoyer and Clyburn added millions more.

Last week, when Slotkin asked for new people, Pelosi told NBC’s Andrea Mitchell, “Just win, sweetheart.” “Win” The speaker talked about her and Biden’s successes in the legislature and said, “Experience matters.”

Clyburn, who is 82 years old, may have reached his highest point in politics. The highest-ranking Black politician in Congress endorsed Biden two years ago, helping him win the Palmetto State primary and the Democratic candidacy. Biden gave Kamala Harris, Lloyd Austin, and Ketanji Brown Jackson important roles because they are black.

Two Staffers Were Slain in a Shooting at a Dallas Hospital

In a recent interview on the NBC show “Meet the Press Now,” Clyburn said, “I’ll always be in leadership in one way or another.”

Democratic sources say that both Jeffries and Clyburn can’t run for minority leader at the same time. The Black Caucus would make the first decision.

Legislators said that neither Clyburn nor Hoyer, who is 83, has called colleagues to ask for help. His staff said he flew to 57 congressional districts in 26 states.

Hoyer “is delighted to have the support of his colleagues and the American people,” said Hoyer spokesperson Margaret Mulkerrin. “He is looking forward to building on this good track record by making our majority stronger and making sure that workers and families have the tools they need to succeed in America.”

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