Twitter Removes Video from Trump’s Page After Musician Eddie Grant Complains | Donald Trump shares musician’s video without permission, Twitter takes action

New Delhi: Once again, US President Donald Trump posted a video of a musician on his Twitter without illegal methods. In fact, Donald Trump recently shared a video of American musician Eddy Grant on his official Twitter account, after which the musician complained to Twitter. However, the video was removed from the US President’s Twitter page on Tuesday, September 1 after Grant received a copyright infringement complaint. The video Trump shared without permission is Electric Avenue, Grant’s superhit song. This song was released in June 2006, which was loved by people.

Twitter spokesperson Nick Pacilio confirmed to NBC News that, in accordance with company policy, the video was immediately removed in response to a copyright infringement complaint. For the record, let us tell you that this is not the first time in recent times that copyright issues have forced the removal of media from Trump’s Twitter account or Twitter himself removed it after. a copyright claim.

Previously, a video shared from the official White House page had been shared. Even then, a copyright notice was received against Trump. The video featured music by Linkin Park indicating that the band had been used without their permission. Despite this, this video was shared without permission from the official White House page.

The video, which Trump tweeted on August 12, was viewed nearly 14 million times before being deleted from Twitter on Tuesday night. Grant sued Trump and his campaign on Tuesday, September 1, accusing them of “willfully and wrongly” infringing their copyrights. It should be noted that even before the grant, many musicians in recent years have spoken out against Trump for using his music without his consent.