Turkey Engages Kashmir-Based Separatist Elements in Turkish Media to Taint India’s Image Internationally | Great Turkish conspiracy against India, recruiting Kashmiri separatists in media to spread propaganda

New Delhi: A great conspiracy is brewing against India in Turkey. The Turkish government is giving Kashmiri separatists a place in their media so that lies can be spread against India in front of the world. A controversial article published in Turkish media on August 15 was part of this conspiracy. This article was written by Ruah Shah, daughter of separatist leader Altaf Ahmed Shah.

In a 2017 case registered by the National Investigation Agency (NIA), Ruah was charged with terrorist financing. In his article he tried to influence the image of India in the name of the agony of staying away from Kashmir. The article said that the children of Kashmir can never live a normal life. According to the NIA investigation, separatist leader Altaf Ahmad Shah used to fundraise via hawala for terrorist activities such as throwing stones at security forces in the Kashmir Valley, burning schools, damaging buildings. public goods and war.

At the request of the president
Not only Kashmiri separatists, but Pakistani journalists are also recruited from local media. All this is happening at the request of President Rechep Tayyip Erdogan. Erdogan wants to capitalize on extremism in domestic politics and advance radical Islamic thought. Therefore, Pakistani journalists with extremist leanings are included in the media. These journalists know very well that apart from the fulfillment of Erdogan’s political wishes, India’s image can be tarnished on the international stage.

Increased intervention in two media
In particular, the interference of Pakistani journalists has increased on the two main international news platforms. According to some analysts, in the Anadolu and TRT Turkish Media Agency, preference was given to American and British journalists, but as Erdogan promoted radicalism on the national front and Islam at the international level The work of promoting journalists Pakistani began to gain momentum.

Five Pakistanis out of 11 publishers
Currently, five of Anadolu’s 11 copy publishers are Pakistanis, and the number is growing steadily. Likewise, Mohsin, the diplomatic editor of TRT, is also a Pakistani citizen. It is believed that these journalists have been given the task of promoting the common agenda of the two countries in the international arena and it will be included in Kashmir. Besides Pakistani journalists, many separatists in Jammu and Kashmir have also secured jobs in Turkish media.

ISI hatched a plot
According to foreign policy experts, the recruitment of Pakistani journalists to these news organizations was carried out by the intelligence agency ISI as part of a well-thought-out strategy. Pakistan thus wants to consolidate its position in Turkey and execute its plans to influence the image of India. However, it is different that the greatest damage was done to Pakistani journalists with extremist views, Turkey’s coordinating culture, which was based on Sufi ideas. These journalists are also brainwashing the Turkish people. Liberals working in the local media have started to lean towards radical Pakistani Islam except for Islam.

Intention to restore Islamic institutions
The president’s mission is to restore Islamic institutions and strengthen Islamic heritage. A few examples of this have also been seen recently. The recruitment of staunch Pakistani journalists in the Turkish media will prove detrimental to the Turkish people in the future. Besides inciting radical sentiments, these journalists can also play an important role in increasing community violence.

Turkey has at least 30 major Islamic sects, divided into hundreds of divisions. Pakistani journalists can push forward the implementation plan of the strategy adopted by the government of Sindh, Gilgit-Baltistan and POJ to distribute people in Turkey through the media. The recruitment of Pakistani and Pakistani separatist journalists in local media by President Rechep Tayyip Erdogan is not only dangerous for India but for the Turkish people themselves.