Trump Charged the Secret Service Exorbitant Housing Charges; the Doj Suggested Jail Time for Bannon


After being found guilty of disrespecting Congress, Steve Bannon, a former Trump adviser and far-right activist was told by the Department of Justice that he should go to prison and pay a fine.

Mr. Bannon, like many other important people in Trump’s inner circle, refused to testify before the 6 January select committee, even though they sent him a subpoena.

Instead, he claimed in vain that executive privilege protected his actions after the election. He was found guilty of contempt in July.

Also, Donald Trump is criticized for what he said about American Jews. He said they should be more thankful for his decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem.

On Sunday, Trump said on Truth Social, “No President has done more for Israel than I have.” “But, surprisingly, our big Evangelicals are much more thankful than Jews, especially those who live in the United States.”

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“On the other hand, those who live in Israel are a different story. They have the highest popularity rating in the world and could easily be Prime Minister!” US Jews need to get their act together and appreciate what they have in Israel before it’s too late. ” Trump kept going.

People on social media saw his words as a threat to the community.

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