Trump begs Prime Minister Modi, says American Indians will vote for me | Trump praised PM Modi, said he is my friend, does a great job

Washington: Citing good relations with Native Americans and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, US President Donald Trump said he believes there are three for the presidential election (US President election 2020) The Indo-American community will vote for them in the November elections. At the White House press conference, he said: “We have a lot of support from India. We have the support of Prime Minister Modi. I think Indians (Americans) will vote for Trump.

‘The Trump administration once again’
The President said this when responding to a question about the “ Four Years Older ” video released during Trump’s election campaign at the Republican National Convention last month. The campaign video includes clips of Howdy Modi in Houston last year and Trump’s tour of Ahmedabad this year. It was created by Al Mason of the Trump Victory Indian American Finance Committee. This was shared on Twitter by Kimberley Gilfoy, the national chairman of the Trump Victory Finance Committee, which was retweeted by Donald Trump Jr.

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The President was asked: “Will Kimberley, Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump, who are very popular in the Indo-American community, campaign on your behalf among Indo-Americans to support your views on Indo-American relations?

Trump said: ‘I know India and I understand the young people (Kimberley, Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka) you mentioned. They are very good and I know their relations with India are very good, my relations are also strong.

Support for modi magic
He said: Prime Minister Modi is my friend and he is doing a great job. Nothing is easy, but they did a great job. He was referring to his speech at the “Howie Modi” event in Houston last year. Trump said: ‘You all know we had a wonderful event in Houston. After which Prime Minister Modi invited me, it was incredible and the Prime Minister was generous. We have the support of India and Prime Minister Modi.

Praise to the PM and the Indians
After that, the President referred to his visit to India earlier this year. He said: ‘As you know I went to India just before the outbreak and came back just a few weeks ago. At present, India is severely affected by the epidemic. This tour was excellent. We saw how wonderful the people are, it is truly an amazing country and certainly quite big. Trump said: ‘You have found a great leader and he’s a great person. ”