Trump admits to “downplaying” severity of COVID 19 in US election | Trump seemed worried ahead of the election, made this confession about Corona!

Washington: The coronavirus has caused the most epidemic in the United States in the world. Local people and opposition leaders have accused President Trump of not dealing with the epidemic. At the same time, Trump has also always rejected such allegations, but for the first time the US President admitted that the situation was very bad due to the Corona infection in the strongest country in the world.

He spoke about politics
In an interview with a local news station, this truth came out of Trump’s tongue, although he also said he did not want any panic in the country. In his interview, he said that “he has been trying to overcome this epidemic from the start so that the lives and property of compatriots can be protected.

Trying to lower the rating of “Rage”
The clip for the interview is for February and March of this year, which has been released for the book which will be released and will be in the hands of readers starting September 15. This is the fourth book of the year 2020 through which Trump has come under attack. The title of the book is Rage (Raje), this book that precedes the November 3 elections is also seen as an exercise to reduce the chances of winning the trump.

Sensational clipping claim
It has been claimed, citing the interview from about 9 months ago, that during this time, Trump said that around one lakh ninety thousand people died in America from the Corona virus. Surprisingly, it’s also the fact that the same Trump did this, which made fun of people wearing masks while also avoiding wearing masks themselves.

Those who publish the book say the truth of Trump’s words will also be released soon.