Today’s story for September 12, story of Saragarhi’s war on the Moon | Today’s story, read what is the story of the “ man to the moon Saragarhi war ”

New Delhi: It is September 12, 2020. On this day, many events took place on different occasions around the world, which were then recorded in the pages of history. It was the events of the past that laid the foundation for the future. Today we are going to tell you about similar incidents.

The Bravery of the Sikh Regiment and the Battle of Saragarhi
In the significant events of Indian military history, the Battle of Saragarhi took place on this day in the year 1897. The battle was fought between 21 soldiers of the 36th Sikh Regiment and about 12,000 members of the Afghan tribe . The 36th Sikh Regiment is now known as the 4th Sikh Regiment. About 12,000 Afghan tribesmen were attacked in the North West Frontier Province of Undivided India. These people wanted to capture the forts of Gulistan and Lokhart. At that time, only 21 soldiers were stationed at the Saragarhi security checkpoint near the forts.

The 21 soldiers were martyred at the end of the war, but the brave soldiers did not surrender to the Afghan attackers. These brave sons were able to save the fort. All the soldiers who were martyred in this war were posthumously awarded the Indian Order of Merit. The Battle of Saragarhi is considered to be one of the toughest battles in the world.

2.Birth of world famous runner Jessie Owens
On this day in 1913, world famous athlete Jesse Owens (Jesse Owens) was born in Alabama, United States. Jesse Owens broke Hitler’s pride by winning four gold medals at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. At that time, Hitler believed that no black player could stand in front of German players. Jessie Owens won gold in the 100m, 200m, long jump and 400m relay and became the first athlete in the United States to win 4 gold medals at the same Olympics.

3.Dolby Sound’s father is dead
Ray Dolby (Ray Dolby), father of Surround Sound and founder of Dolby Laboratories, passed away that day in 2013. The Dolby Digital sound you hear in theaters and on TV is the result. Dolby was an American engineer and developed noise reduction systems, a technique for reducing noise. The 1971 film A Clockwork Orange was the first film in which Dolby Sound was used. Ray Dolby also received 2 Oscars and 1 Grammy Award.


4. “We choose to go to the Moon” …..
On this day in 1962, then-US President John F. Kennedy (John F. Kennedy) delivered a historic speech. In this speech, in less than 10 years, he set himself the goal of sending man to the moon before the world. The speech is also known as “We choose to go to the Moon”. Kennedy was assassinated the following year in 1963. But after Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin reached the lunar surface under the Apollo 11 mission on July 20, 1969, America became the first country in the world to do so.