Three in four adults would receive a COVID-19 vaccine, if available: Investigation | Corona panic! Revealed in the investigation – if the vaccine is made, only these people are ready to be vaccinated

New Delhi: In a survey conducted by an organization of the World Economic Forum, it was found that the Corona terror remains intact in a large population of the world. And if such a vaccine (vaccine) is designed for the crown, then at least three quarters of people are ready for its vaccination.

Ipsos Mori has conducted a worldwide investigation into Corona. About 20,000 people from 27 countries participated in this survey. 74% of those surveyed said that if the corona vaccine is made, they will definitely use it. So that they can escape the ravages of Corona. However, 59% of those involved in the survey doubt whether the corona vaccine is manufactured or not.

People don’t expect much: survey
Most of the people involved in the investigation don’t care much about the corona vaccine. Because when expectations are not met, there is more misery. At the same time, 56% of people are worried about the side effects of the vaccine, while 29% of people feel that the vaccine is not very effective in preventing corona.

People in India, China, Brazil and Australia are more optimistic about the vaccine
In this survey, the number of people who depend on vaccines was higher. 97% of Chinese have complete confidence in the vaccine. At the same time, in Brazil (88%), Australia (88%) and India, 87% of people expressed confidence in the vaccine. While 54% of Russians, 56% from Poland, 56% from Hungary and 59% from France, say they will not get a corona vaccine, even if a vaccine is prepared.

74% of people in India are convinced to get vaccinated
The Chinese are the most optimistic about the Corona vaccine. 87% of Chinese believe that by the end of this year, the corona vaccine will be manufactured. In India 74% of these people think so, 85% of people in Saudi Arabia think the corona vaccine will come this year.

Survey carried out between July 24 and August 7
Giving information, Ipsos indicated that these investigations were carried out in the last week of July and the first week of August. In which 19,519 people participated.