Thieves From Texas Steal 1,000 Gallons of Diesel Fuel From a Gas Station.


By demanding pre-payment to start the pumps, gas stations have thwarted would-be criminals. This has likely reduced the number of people fleeing with a full tank of stolen gas, but thieves frequently seek new possibilities when one closes.

In Texas, thieves have fashioned minivans with trap doors in order to syphon gas directly from underground storage tanks at gas stations.

According to KHOU 11, this occurred three days in a row at Houston gas station Fuqua Express. Jerry Thayil, the store’s owner, told the television station that he discovered a disparity that prompted him to search through the store’s camera tape.


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It was there that he spotted something strange: a minivan like a Chrysler Town & Country would park for 15 to 20 minutes over the tanks’ fill ports and then drive away.According to Thayil, the suspects obtained the gas via a trap door in the bottom of the Chrysler and transferred it to the van via a pump.

Due to the fact that the fill ports are locked, it is unknown how the robbers got entrance, though Thayil suspects they used their own locks. He spoke with Houston police hours before the van returned to steal from the station for the fourth time. He observed the van parked there and pursued it.

Over three days, the burglars stole around 1,000 gallons of diesel from the business, an average of 350 gallons per day. The robbery cost the store approximately $5,000, and it does not appear as though the criminals worked alone. Thayil also saw a lookout vehicle – a black Porsche – stationed in the surveillance tape to conceal the minivan’s illegal deed.



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Regrettably, Fuqua Express is not the only Houston gas station that is currently being targeted by robbers. Several burglars stole more than $8,000 at a different Chevron gas station last night, making off with 1,754 gallons of diesel fuel. According to authorities, the suspects used various automobiles to conduct their business, but law enforcement did not disclose much other details about the incident.

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