The Police Are Looking for a Fugitive. A Utah Adolescent Is Rumoured to Be on His Way to Texas.


SALT LAKE COUNTY — Police are pleading with Utah residents to keep a look out for a missing adolescent girl and a 20-year-old male who may be on their way to Texas.

According to the Unified Police Department, 14-year-old Areli Esmeralda Arroyo Asuna was spotted entering a black Nissan Altima driven by David Lopez, 20. There was no mention of a licence plate number.


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The two are “potentially on their way to Texas,” according to a Facebook post by UPD.

No other information was provided regarding their relationship, whether authorities feel she is in danger, or the precise time and location of their last sighting.


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Anyone who sees them is asked to contact the University of Utah Police Department at 801-840-4000.

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