The Kashmir Files Have Left Deniers of Genocide With Nowhere to  Run and Hide | Latest Update!


Where do we begin with The Kashmir Files and the horrifying memories that have arisen as a result of them? Do we discuss Kashmiri Pandits’ systemic disenfranchisement and the politics that preceded and led to the genocide? Do we discuss the genocide? Do we discuss how that genocide was whitewashed by a purposeful and systematic effort? Do we discuss how the most heinous and heinous of those perpetrators were lauded as “Mahatma Gandhis” and “Nelson Mandelas”? Or do we discuss the continual efforts to demonize victims, blame them for their misfortunes, and label them bigots?

All of these dialogues were taking place in India but in their silos and separate order. Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri’s film has synchronized all of these dialogues, leaving genocide apologists with nowhere to go and exposing their dishonesty to the world.

A supposed journalist, for example, would have you believe that her death profiteering is journalism, but that Agnihotri making a film after laborious documenting of an actual genocide is somehow Islamophobic bigotry. Meanwhile, a claimed fact-checker, who has been known to delete tweets of his fact-checking gone wrong, would have you believe that sloganeering in theatres is racism, while a deliberate ethnic cleansing is referred to as a “tragic exodus.” During the Hijab controversy, another supposed researcher,

whose sole ticket is his religion and who has bylines in major Indian and worldwide dailies, said that public shaming of Hindus was important since only shaming would induce a change of mentality. When confronted with the reality of the Pandit Genocide, however, he argues that any attempt to shame the victims is Islamophobic. Isn’t there a common thread here? All of these “celebrated,” ostensibly “mainstream” “liberal” Muslims have no qualms denying and protecting genocide murderers.

The Kashmir Files Have Left Deniers of Genocide With Nowhere to  Run and Hide (1)
The Kashmir Files Have Left Deniers of Genocide With Nowhere to  Run and Hide | Latest Update!

There are, however, subtle objections to the Pandit Genocide disguised as legitimate academic criticisms that must be addressed. The Kashmir Files merely mentions them in passing. The first is that only a few dozen Pandits were slaughtered, and the “evidence” is a Kashmir police response to an RTI claiming that only 89 Pandits were killed. The fact that only 89 FIRs were lodged is read as the number of deaths, which is a sleight of hand.

Sanjay Tikoo’s Kashmiri Pandit Sangharsh Samiti has methodically documented over 1,200 Pandits who simply vanished during this time, believed dead but with no FIR filed. They want you to believe that if the government falls apart and local officials and police openly assist terrorists in identifying and killing Hindus, Hindus will naturally go to these same cops to file FIRs rather than fleeing for their life.

This gets us to the second part of the University of Uppsala’s “quackademic” apologia: ethnic cleansing cannot occur without the state’s involvement. Correct to a degree. However, notice how this is twisted to make it the fault of the Indian government. When the murders escalated and the genocide began, the Indian “state” had essentially vanished. Serving Kashmiri state administrators wrote a letter requesting India’s departure and declared themselves Pakistanis. The JKLF (Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front) militants were physically joined by the police and the administration, who provided them with death lists of Hindus.

Jagmohan was tasked with restoring order when the state apparatus had entirely disintegrated. Where else have we found parallels like this? Rwanda, in part, where the assassination of the president and the fall of the government prompted militias to carry out the awful genocide. The more relevant example is Kosovo, where Serbs killed roughly 1,500 KLA Islamist militants and sympathizers, sparking a full-fledged evacuation of tens of thousands of Kosovans with the help of the Serbian authorities. In Kashmir, however, the central government had entirely crumbled, leaving local police, bureaucrats, and the Jamaat-e-Islami in power.

The Kashmir Files Have Left Deniers of Genocide With Nowhere to  Run and Hide (2)
The Kashmir Files Have Left Deniers of Genocide With Nowhere to  Run and Hide | Latest Update!

There is collective guilt in Kashmir, as evidenced by all of the survivor tales and Manoj Raghuvanshi’s interview with Bitta Karate, in which he admits that the average Muslim Kashmiri used to come out on the street and raucously cheer the torture-murder of Pandits. This is just one example of the threats, betrayals, torture, and murders that Kashmiri Pandits faced. To witness the state’s demise and the rump state’s collaboration with those who sought to kill you.

Not being able to register an FIR because you’re afraid the cops would give you over to be killed (like the Palghar Sadhus we saw on video). To be forced to survive on Rs 600 per month while your assailants were paid Rs 1.5-2 lakh for surrendering. To have your tale whitewashed by academics, your prime minister makes peace with your murderer, your TV networks declare them young icons, your industrialists schmooze them, and to be accused of being a hate-filled bigot if you ever speak up.

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While The Kashmir Files may have successfully dragged every closet saffron sympathizer out of the closet, its greatest accomplishment is that it has also successfully brought every closet Jihadi out of the closet. It has shown us that the greatest threat to India has never come from the bearded, pious, fundamentally decent Deobandi cleric from his village, but rather from people who, like the pork-eating, alcohol-sipping Jinnah, claim to be liberals with a global outlook and the ability to charm the West, but will not hesitate to sentence millions to death and displacement in the name of achieving their Islamic utopia.

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