The IRS Maintains Its Emphasis on Hiring and Technology Modernization. March 2022!


We recently addressed the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) efforts to accommodate to a remote environment by enabling video meetings and encrypted messaging systems in order to maintain an effective audit process. Additionally, we recently reported on the IRS Office of Chief Counsel’s intention to hire up to 200 additional attorneys to assist with litigation.

The IRS said on March 16, 2022, that it will continue its hiring and modernization efforts by adding more than 200 new technologists to assist in further modernising its technology. In part, the announcement states:

The IRS has undergone significant technology transformation over the last several years as part of a comprehensive enterprise modernization effort to improve the taxpayer experience, upgrade core service and enforcement systems, build a more sustainable technology infrastructure, and strengthen cybersecurity.




The agency is looking to grow its team of professionals in:

  • hybrid and multi-cloud settings
  • no/low-code corporate platforms and apps,
  • data and analytics
  • artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • best practises in IT service management
  • network administration.


Additional job options include joining the integrated technical team updating the IRS’s key tax processing system, the Individual Master File, and the Enterprise Case Management initiative, which modernises the IRS’s case management systems, services, and associated processes. These are just a few of the modernization initiatives on which the new staff will work.

This recent update comes on the heels of the IRS’s revelation last week that it aims to fill more than 5,000 positions in its processing facilities situated in Austin, Texas; Kansas City, Missouri and Ogden, Utah.



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The IRS’s attempts to expand its workforce and modernise its technology are a positive step forward, as the agency faces multiple obstacles related to unprocessed returns, out-of-date computer systems, and compliance issues. As the IRS acquires newer and more sophisticated equipment, we may expect to see it put these new capabilities to use in carrying out its tax compliance goal.

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