The IRS Customer Service Line Is Receiving a Record Number of Calls: How to Remove a Hold?


According to the Internal Revenue Support, its customer service phone number is experiencing significant wait times due to an unprecedented volume of incoming calls from taxpayers awaiting refunds.

Tax officials said that by utilising the IRS’s online tools, taxpayers seeking assistance can avoid lengthy hold periods.




“Long phone wait times are infuriating,” the IRS stated in a tweet. “Please utilise the #IRS online resources to obtain tax-related information, monitor your refund status, and pay taxes, among other things.”


The IRS Has Refunded Over 45 Million Taxpayers. This Is a Representative Example of the Average Payment
Calling the IRS and speaking with a live representative will not expedite refund processing. Tax officials encourage the public to call only if it has been more than 21 days since an online return was filed or if a user is directed to call via an online tool.

“Unless and Unless Where Is My Refund?” “If the IRS directs you to call us, our personnel will be unable to provide you with any additional information,” the IRS noted on its website in response to one of the most frequently asked queries.


Where Has My Refund Been?

Taxpayers can use the IRS’s Where’s My Refund online resource to determine the status of their 2021 tax refund.

The tool becomes available to taxpayers 24 hours after an electronic refund is received and four weeks after a paper return is received.

Daily updates to the tool are made, typically overnight. According to officials, the portal should be checked only once a day.


Tax Assistant Interactive

The IRS’s Interactive Tax Assistant tool answers consumers’ specific tax law issues.

The tool generates responses based on taxpayer responses submitted through the internet portal. The ITA can ascertain whether a tax return was filed, the filing status, whether a dependent was claimed, and the amount of taxable income.



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Additionally, the ITA can assist you with issues about deductions, credits, retirement, and obligations.

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