The bombers are watching you closely, the alarm bells will ring in Beijing. News in Hindi, world

New Delhi: The US Air Force’s Global Strike Command announced Tuesday, September 1 the creation of its first mobile operational center abroad for the B-2 stealth bomber mission in its Naval Support Facility (Sport Facility) in Diego Garcia. Set up by the 393rd Expeditionary Bomb Squadron, Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri, the center will help carry out the B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber’s “Anytime-Anywhere” mission. It has the ability to perform fully functional mission planning and monitoring at any B-2 aerodrome. This would clearly sound the alarm bells in Beijing, which had already been burned by the deployment of three B-2 Spirit stealth bombers from the 509th Bomb Wing at Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri. Diego Garcia of the Missouri Pacific region has a strategically important base.

Earlier in July, the United States deployed two of its aircraft carriers (aircraft carriers) to the Gulf of Taiwan and the South China Sea (South China Sea), which China had opposed. At the same time, the Japanese navy had driven a Chinese submarine from its waters. “This is the future of the bomber mission plan,” said Christopher Conant, US Air Force lieutenant colonel and commander of the Bomber Task Force (BTF).

“Our goal here is to present here the Air Force Global Strike 2020 strategic plan and to create the ability to send a B-2 unit anywhere in the world and operate fighter jets,” said he declared. According to the US Air Force’s Global Strike 2020 strategic plan, new ideas must be adopted in re-launching, strengthening and reshaping the future of operations in order to eliminate existing adversities and expand the operational capability of commanders.

Currently, the 393rd EBS is testing a Diego Garcia mobile installation. When implemented in Air Force Global Strike Command, these mobile operations centers will be able to help commanders around the world to deploy bombed forces with greater flexibility than previous operations.

Let the experts know that the B-2 Spirit is the world’s deadliest bomber. This bomber plane can carry many nuclear bombs simultaneously. Recently, its fleet has included extremely lethal and precise B61-12 atomic bombs. It is also not under the influence of nuclear radar and is capable of stealth attacks.

These bombers reached Diego Garcia at a time when the border dispute between India and China in Ladakh was reaching its peak. China has widely deployed its army and fighter jets along the border with India. In such a situation, this deployment of Diego Garcia, who is not far from the south coast of India, will put China to sleep.