The $1,400 Stimulus Check Update: Are You One of the 640,000 People Owed Money From Your 2021 Tax Return?


The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) warned hundreds of thousands of taxpayers that they may still owe money from their 2021 income tax return. Individuals who were eligible for but did not get the $1,400 payout may now claim it during tax season.

Individuals who did not receive a stimulus payment or received less than the maximum amount available will need to claim a Recovery Rebate Credit on their 2020 or 2021 federal tax returns, the IRS said, as the IRS will no longer provide Economic Impact Payments.

The vast majority of eligible taxpayers have already received stimulus monies and will not be required to record them on their 2021 tax returns.




The IRS reports that over 175 million third-round payments totalling more than $400 billion had been made to taxpayers nationwide.

The majority of those payments were made in the spring and early summer of 2021.

However, over 644,705 Americans remain eligible for benefits but have not yet received them.

According to a report released last week by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, approximately $1.6 billion remains unpaid.

What Should You Do If Your Third Payment Is Delayed?

According to the IRS, residents should first verify their bank accounts to confirm they did not receive the third payment.

Those who feel they may have missed out are urged to verify their early spring and summer 2021 statements.

Individuals can also view their whole third-round Economic Impact Payment by logging into their IRS Online Account.

Each spouse filing jointly will need to create their own internet account.

Individuals should contact the IRS immediately if they believe they did not receive the payment and their IRS online accounts show a payment amount larger than $0, or if they got a Notice 1444-C or Letter 6475.

This is to ascertain the necessity of a payment trace.

Officials highlighted that they are not have to file their 2021 tax return until their tracing is complete.

When it comes to completing the Recovery Rebate Credit worksheet, taxpayers have two options.

Calculate the amount of the recovery rebate credit on line 30 by referring to either the amount on Letter 6475. (or the EIP 3 amount from the online account).

Alternatively, use line 30 to calculate the rebate credit based on the taxpayer’s belief that they got a stimulus payment.

Individuals who contact the IRS inquiring about the amount of the stimulus payment will be notified as soon as the findings are available.

Additionally, Is It Possible for Me to Receive a Stimulus Payment in 2022 After I Have Paid My Taxes?

If the IRS determines that the taxpayer did not receive the monies, the amount of the recovery rebate credit on the taxpayer’s tax return will be modified and any refund paid.

If an error is made in calculating the recovery rebate credit and an amount is claimed on line 30 for the 2021 Recovery Rebate Credit, the IRS is required to adjust the amount and notify you.

Officials have warned that if this occurs, the return will most likely be delayed.


Are You Finished With Taxes? Do Not Be Afraid

If the IRS records indicate that no payment was made, an amended return may be necessary to claim the credit.

Individuals who meet the eligibility requirements but did not claim a recovery rebate credit on their 2021 tax return (i.e., line 30 is blank or equal to $0) must file a Form 1040-X.

If IRS records indicate that they were not paid, this is the Amended United States Individual Income Tax Return used to claim the leftover stimulus funds.


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Will You Have to Pay a Lot of Taxes on Your Stimulus Money?

The IRS Claims That Stimulus Check Errors Are One of the Causes of Tax Refund Delays.

Additionally, Is It Possible for Me to Receive a Stimulus Payment in 2022 After I Have Paid My Taxes?

This applies to persons who believe they did not get the full amount of their third-round Economic Impact Payment due to the fact that their circumstances in 2021 were different than in 2020.

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