Terrifying Moment in Texas, a Motorcyclist Is Hit by a Car


The one thing I hope people remember from that story is to keep an eye out for bikers on the road, especially with distractions like cell phones causing accidents. I’m not saying that’s what happened in this case, but I came across a terrifying video of a biker being hit by a car driven by someone who clearly wasn’t paying attention in Killeen, TX.


KWTX News 10 shared the video on Facebook.

The car and biker flee down Veterans Memorial Boulevard in Killeen from a red light in the terrifying video. Both the car and the bike remain in the same lane, but the driver clearly wasn’t looking ahead or at what was in front of her (the driver was identified as female by the person who posted the video) because she suddenly ACCELERATES.


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She slams into the biker so hard that the car lifts up with the rider still inside.

For me, this is the most terrifying clip. She hits him so hard that the car appears to be about to run over the biker and his motorcycle completely. The blow sends the biker rolling into the street, but by chance, the incident occurred in front of a motorcycle repair shop, where onlookers were present at the time. After coming to a halt, they run over and offer assistance while requesting that the driver remain in place for authorities. Fortunately, the biker walked away with only a bump on his lip, but he was shaken.


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We had to break it down for you frame by frame.

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