Taiwan unveils new passport design to resolve confusion in China. Taiwan has taken this step regarding the passport, now the identity will be different from that of China!

Taipei: Taiwan, the Republic of China, announced a change in its passport, and a preview of its new passport was shown to the world. The identity of Taiwanese citizens will be different in this new passport. In addition, Taiwan has been given priority in this passport.

Try to remove the confusion
The dispute between Taiwan and China is quite old. But amid the Corona outbreak and China’s earlier attempts to attack its sovereignty, Taiwan has taken this passport step. Until now, “Republic of China” was written in big words on the Taiwan passport, while “Taiwan” was written at the bottom. Because of this, Taiwanese citizens of other countries have had to face some problems.

Deletion of the word “Republic of China”
Taiwan will issue new passports starting in January, which will not have the word “Republic of China” written in English. Only Taiwan will be written in English. However, in Chinese, the word Republic of China will continue to exist as before. Taiwanese Foreign Minister Joseph Wu said the new passport would erase the identity of Taiwanese citizens and prevent them from being falsely considered “Chinese citizens.”

Identity issues faced by citizens since the introduction of the Wuhan virus
Joseph Wu said that since the outbreak of the Wuhan virus, the corona epidemic, Chinese citizens have been viewed with suspicion around the world. That is why we put the Taiwanese identity above in the new passport. So even by mistake people do not understand that we are Chinese citizens.

Thoughts on the airline’s name change
The name of the Taiwanese airline is “China Airline”. Due to the name, there is confusion among people that it is a Chinese airline. In such a situation, the Taiwanese government is also considering changing the name of the airline.

What is the fight between China and Taiwan?
Taiwan has a democratic nationalist government in China. In fact, Taiwan’s real name is “Republic of China”. After losing the 1949 war to the Communist Party, the Chinese government was deported to Taiwan. Taiwan has since called itself democratic China, while mainland China is called the People’s Republic of China. Taiwan puts its own democratic identity in front of the world and talks one day of bringing all of China under the democratic umbrella, the People’s Republic of China calls Taiwan a part of China. At present, China does not belong to the country that belongs to Taiwan. However, Taiwan maintains informal relations with many countries, including the United States, India and the United Kingdom, and these relations are maintained through the Council. Since most countries of the world have recognized the Chinese Communist Party and the People’s Republic of China as the real players. This is why Taiwan is confined to the middle of the sea and China keeps talking about taking over Taiwan.