Sweden burns in protest against burning religious texts | Riots break out after burning community-specific religious texts in Sweden, 15 detained

Stockholm: Malmö, in southern Sweden, hours after a religious book was burned in Sweden. Hundreds of people took to the streets. More than 300 people gathered to protest this incident and started riots. People started throwing stones at the police amid religious slogans. Meanwhile, the tires burned down on the roads. This Swedish town has been occupied by rioters for hours.

Swag woke up Sweden
Violence erupted in Sweden after burning a religious book from a particular community. The incident took place in the city of Malmö in Sweden, where around 300 rioters took to the streets after unrest. Rioters also stoned violence and police with rescuers. During the protests, protesters torched vehicles and vandalized shops. At the same time, the rioters set the streets on fire. An angry crowd threw stones at the police, who had to fire tear gas canisters to pacify them. Several police officers were injured in the violence. Police arrested around 15 people.

Try to control the riots
Police said the protest took place at the same location where the religious book was burned. Therefore, this question seems to be related to each other. A newspaper said several anti-Islamist activities took place on Friday, including three people who launched a religious book in a public square. The police said that this violence is not under the control of the police, but we are constantly trying to control the riots.

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15 people in police custody
Police said on Saturday that rioters opened fire on Friday evening and threw the goods at police and rescue service workers, as well as the tires of the vehicles were burned. Many police officers were injured in this case. Police have detained around 15 people to date.

There have been such riots in Delhi too
Riots were also provoked in Sweden as in Delhi. Previously this happened in Delhi and also in Bangalore. Rioters also set fire to here. Delhi was set on fire by rioters in February. The question arises as to who is behind the fire in Sweden. Like Delhi and Bangalore, it is leading riots in Sweden.