Stimulus Check Update: Monthly $300 Stimulus Checks Are Possible


Until now, the bulk of the American populace has gotten three stimulus cheques. These cheques were given to help people survive the pandemic financially. People received the first stimulus cheque ($1,200) in March 2020, the second one ($600) in December 2020, and the third one ($1,400) in March 2021.

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In addition to all of these stimulus checks, half of the individuals received $300 per month for each child, which has been ongoing for the past six months in 2021. However, Congress is not prepared to give any stimulus checks shortly, and President Biden’s proposal to prolong tax payments for children was also rejected by the Senate in 2022.

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Stimulus Check Update: Monthly $300 Stimulus Checks Are Possible

Sen. Mitt Romney recently proposed a payment scheme under the Family Security Act that would provide $350 per month to low-income couples with children aged 0 to 5. Families with children aged 6 to 17 will receive $250 stimulus payments in the same way. Some expectant parents may be eligible for this reimbursement if they are less than four months away from their due date.

The highest amount a family could receive through checks is $1,250. According to Romney, pandemics have damaged people’s financial and emotional health, and the family support system has not been improved in a long time. Furthermore, as a result of Covid-19, the marriage and birth rates have decreased, negatively impacting the economy.

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Romney also planned to cut the stimulus check benefit by $50 for both joint and single filers, with a slew of new conditions for the recipients. Even though the law was introduced the previous year, it gained traction this year.

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