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Six Texans Have Been Charged With Confining and Violently Torturing a Roommate They Met Online!

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Six individuals face felony charges in eastern Texas on suspicion of assaulting and torturing a young woman they reportedly held captive for almost a week.

Henderson County Sheriff Botie Hillhouse discussed Tuesday’s arrests on Wednesday’s episode of his weekly podcast.

According to Hillhouse, the victim — a woman in her twenties — escaped her accused captors on Tuesday.

While she was roaming through Athens, Texas, she was reported as a strange person to 911. However, when detectives spoke with the woman, she revealed disturbing information about her ordeal.

The woman stated that she relocated to Athens from another state in November and was sharing a house with six individuals she met online.

However, Hillhouse asserts that when the victim attempted to escape, “they refused, and that’s when they began holding her there, essentially as a prisoner, torturing and abusing her.”

According to Hillhouse, the Victim Was Treated for “Serious” Wounds Acquired While Being Held Against Her Will!

Felicity Emanuelle Walker, 22, Summer Syler Lawrence, 45, Breonna Cheyenne Johnson, 22, Amanda Marie Andrews, 22, Shayne Joseph Anderson, 30, and Charles K. Bryant, 21, were charged with aggravated kidnapping.

All six remain in detention and are being held on a $500,000 bond.

The victim’s body was severely beaten and had burn marks, citing the arrest affidavit. Additionally, the word “rape” was shaved into the woman’s back.

According to the station, the woman informed detectives that the six defendants forced her to call each of them “master” and that her captors punched her, struck her with a variety of objects, including a walking cane and award trophies, and burned her chest with cigarettes.


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A wax sealer was also allegedly used to scorch her hand.

Additionally, the victim was allegedly forced to ingest feces and lettuce that had been spat on by the defendants.

Thursday, it was unclear whether any of the defendants had entered pleas or had attorneys available to comment on the charges.

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