Shinzo Abe’s Yoshihide Suga Trusted Yoshihide Suga to Become Japan’s New Prime Minister

Tokyo: After stepping down as Prime Minister of Japan Shinje Abe, his staunch Yoshihide Suga was determined to become the new Prime Minister. In the party’s internal ballot, Suga got 377 votes, while two other candidates got 157 votes.

Please say that Shinzo Abe resigned from his post for health reasons last month. Since then, Suga, Japan’s chief secretary to the cabinet and close to Abe, has been seen as leading the race for prime minister.

Shinzo’s Liberal Democrats are in the majority in the ruling coalition. Besides Suga, Defense Minister Shigeru Ishiba and former Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida were also in contention for the post of prime minister in the party’s internal vote on Monday, the report said. But thanks to Shinzo’s support, Suga prevailed over everyone.

After his victory in the party, Suga said his top priority was to fight the corona virus and get the economy back on track. He said he was a reformer and worked to move the country forward by breaking down regional barriers of bureaucracy.