Scientists Discover World’s Oldest Sperm Inside Resistant Animal Trapped 100 Million Years Ago | Scientists have the oldest sperm in the world, so named

New Delhi: An international team of scientists discovered the world’s oldest sperm inside a resistant animal trapped in the resin of a tree in Myanmar around 100 million years ago. The researchers, led by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, found sperm in a new species of resistant small animal, which they named “Myanmarcypris Hui”.

They estimated that this animal must have coexisted just before entering the resin of the tree about 100 million years ago.

Researchers said fossil sperm were exceptionally rare, before the discovery of 17 million year old sperm.

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Myanmarcyprice Hui ‘is an ostracod, a type of crustacean (small hard-blanket animal) that existed 50 million years ago.

This study is published in the journal “Royal Society Proceedings Bee”.