Residents in These States Will Receive Additional Stimulus Checks After Filing Their Taxes.


Although a fourth federal stimulus check is improbable, consumers in several states may be eligible for additional funds in 2021 when they file their taxes. Numerous states have enacted legislation that provides stimulus payments to individuals upon filing their taxes. April 18 was the deadline for filing taxes for the year 2021.


Following tax filing, some states are issuing stimulus checks.

You may be eligible for additional money if you have already filed your 2021 taxes, depending on your state. Georgia, for example, enacted a bill in March that allows qualified individuals to receive stimulus payments after they file their taxes.

Stimulus Check


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Governor Brian Kemp’s office stated in a statement that “HB 1302 will provide a one-time tax credit to taxpayers who filed income tax returns for the 2020 and 2021 tax years.”

According to the governor’s office, the state’s revenue department will issue additional credits to residents when they file their 2021 taxes. Individuals who meet the eligibility requirements may receive $250, married couples may receive $500 (heads of household filers may receive $375).

“I believe that when the government collects more money than it requires, the excess funds should be returned to the taxpayer because they are your funds, not the government’s,” Kemp previously stated.

Residents of These States Will Receive Additional Stimulus Checks Following Tax Filing (1) Residents of These States Will Receive Additional Stimulus Checks Following Tax Filing
In Indiana, a similar law provides eligible residents with a “$125 Automatic Taxpayer Refund” upon filing their 2021 taxes.

Governor Eric Holcomb of Indiana announced in December that approximately 4.3 million taxpayers will receive a $125 refund when they file their 2021 taxes.

“After the April 18 tax filing deadline, the Department of Revenue, in collaboration with the Auditor of State’s Office, will begin issuing refunds via direct deposit or paper check,” Indiana’s governor’s office announced earlier this month.

Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham of New Mexico approved legislation in March to provide residents with a tax refund once their taxes are completed. Single taxpayers will receive a $250 one-time tax rebate, while married taxpayers will receive a $500 one-time tax rebate.


Similar proposals from other states

Additionally, Idaho is providing additional assistance to residents, with $350 million set aside for this purpose. The only way to obtain the funds is to file 2020 and 2021 tax returns. Idaho residents who filed grocery-credit refund claims are also eligible for reimbursement. The funds will amount to $75 or 12% of Idaho state taxes collected in 2020, whichever is greater.

If Gov. Phil Murphy’s new proposal is approved, some New Jersey residents may receive additional funds. Murphy and the state legislature enacted budget measures last year to provide one-time rebate checks of up to $500 to nearly 1 million families.


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The governor has proposed that an additional $53 million be used to distribute $500 stimulus checks to taxpayers who file their taxes using their taxpayer identification number rather than their Social Security number. This means that the majority of the payout would go to nonresident and resident aliens, as well as their spouses and dependents.

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