Rajnath Singh arrives in Iran, back from Moscow | Second ‘diplomatic attack’ on China in 24 hours, Rajnath Singh arrived to speak in this country

Tehran: China, which is increasing tension from India to Ladakh, is being beaten from the LAC region to all corners of the world. Defense Minister Rajna Tha Singh first explained to China in Moscow, the capital of Russia, that India could not compromise its sovereignty.

Second diplomatic attack on China in 24 hours
At the same time, within 24 hours of this diplomatic victory, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh suddenly traveled to Tehran from Moscow while teaching China a second lesson. Where he will meet today the Iranian Minister of Defense. Rajnath Singh will beat China on many fronts with his Iran tour.

China splashes over India’s diplomatic war
It was only after two consecutive defeats that China realized it had missed it in Ladakh and now India will not give it any chance to cheat. That is why China has put a lot of effort into negotiating with India in Moscow. During this 140-minute conversation, Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh showed the attitude towards China. It is sure to fly to the senses of China.

Rajnath visits Tehran as part of grand diplomacy
But now India will shock China. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh’s sudden visit to Iran is part of a larger diplomacy. This tour can disrupt China on one or two fronts. If the visit of Defense Minister Rajnath Singh hits the alliance of China and Pakistan against India, then China’s nuclear plan will also be badly affected.

Rajnath Singh tweeted before reaching Tehran
Defense Minister Rajnath Singh tweeted before leaving Moscow for Tehran. He wrote that “on leaving Moscow for Tehran, I will meet the Iranian Minister of Defense, Brigadier General Amir Hatami. Rajnath Singh, Minister of Defense ”

Why is China worried about Defense Minister Rajnath Singh’s visit to Tehran
Under pressure from the United States, the world is keeping its distance from Iran. In such a situation, China had a mahadil with Iran. According to this agreement, China will buy oil from Iran for the next 25 years at a very low price. China will invest in sectors such as banking, telecommunications, ports, railways and transport. Military cooperation is also included in the agreement between China and Iran. Under which China will develop arms with Iran.

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Iran is approaching the visit of the Minister of Defense to India!
This deal could bring Iran closer to China and away from India. In such a situation, the visit of Defense Minister Rajnath Singh will be a significant effort to strengthen the old relations between India and Iran. It will also have a positive impact on ongoing development plans with Indian cooperation in Afghanistan. America might be mad at Iran, but Iran’s friendship is very important to India.

Iran is the gateway to Afghanistan – Defense expert
Defense expert Major General SP Sinha says Iran is in fact the gateway to Afghanistan. If you want to work in Afghanistan, Iran’s cooperation must be integrated there. During a 140-minute conversation with China, India attempted to convince China that it could neither wrest any part of India nor any friend from India. The new India will not let China take the opportunity, from Galvan to Iran.