Quad Ministerial Meeting in Delhi, Says US Assistant Secretary of State Stephen Biegun | Quad 2020: China will become China’s final plan US Vice Foreign Minister gives clues

New Delhi: US Assistant Secretary of State Stephen Biegun has indicated that the next meeting of the Quadrilateral Alliance of Quadrilaterals “India, Australia, America and Japan” could be held in Delhi soon. . Addressing the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum, Minister Stephen said he gave this important information about the quadrennial meeting.

Focus on the Indo-Pacific region
At the next meeting of the alliance of the four superpowers, the US minister said that due to the current environment, the partnership with India on this platform has become very important for America. In this episode, the last Quad Foreign Ministers’ meeting took place at the United Nations General Assembly meeting in 2019.

A quadruple strong democratic organization
Regarding the mutual cooperation between the four countries, Bigan said that there is a strong democratic governance system in the four countries. And with that, four partners have placed emphasis on peace and stability in the respective region within the framework of this strong alliance.

No opposition to China, concern for regional interests
On whether the Quad is considered an anti-Beijing organization, Bigan said he doesn’t think it’s fair because the world is aware of China’s intentions. At the same time, between the strategic importance of the Indo-Pacific region and world peace, all the quadrilateral countries also have a positive agenda.

Significantly, “QUAD” is a quadrilateral alliance of “India, Australia, America and Japan”. This organization was created because of geopolitical concerns with China. The quad was launched in 2007 by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in consultation with the United States, Australia and India.