Police in Texas Stopped a Trailer Hauling a Stolen Dodge Challenger.


A victory for the good guys!

Car thefts are out of control these days. Professional robbers have been targeting all types of pricey vehicles, particularly Dodge muscle cars, and they must be making a killing.

Across the country, Challengers and Chargers are being snatched and either stripped of their parts before being dumped, taken on joyrides/used to commit crimes, or transported off to be sold to someone else for a “bargain.”

And, while we generally assume that the rides that are saved whole are moved to another nation, they can sometimes be found right here in the United States. One such case has been made public thanks to Texas law enforcement.


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According to the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office, the Birmingham Police Department in Alabama notified them regarding a stolen Dodge Challenger. Deputies started hunting for it since it was thought to be somewhere on I-20 heading westbound. That’s when they noticed the aforementioned muscle car on the back of a commercial vehicle transport trailer.

If you’re a commercial driver and the cops pull up behind you with their lights flashing, you usually just pull over and figure out what’s wrong. You may not like it, but trying to flee the officers will not improve the problem. Deputies claim the driver in this case, Denovar Kupp, sought to lead them on a brief chase before pulling over. Maybe he realised he couldn’t outrun law police since he wasn’t driving the Mopar?



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Kupp was eventually caught for Possession of Marijuana and Evading Arrest and taken to the Harrison County Jail. The truck on the back of the transport trailer appears to be the one sought by police in Alabama, but the sheriff’s office claims Kupp had no idea it was stolen. There are many unsolved concerns here, but we’re just relieved that at least one attempt to stow or sell a supercharged Dodge Challenger was foiled.

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