Police Discover a Skeleton and the Possible Remains of the Homeowner’s Son After Conducting a Welfare Check.


Police in Texas discovered skeletal remains in a kitchen while performing a welfare check, authorities said. The homeowner informed officers that the skeleton was his kid.

Officers from the New Boston Police Department responded shortly after 5 p.m. Tuesday to a wellness report for Jason McMichael. They discovered skeletal remains in the kitchen when they arrived at the residence. His father, David, informed police that the bones were those of his son, who died in May 2018, according to a statement put on the department’s Facebook page.

At the residence, cops inquired as to David McMichael’s knowledge of their presence. He stated that it was “because to the fact that he had a body in his kitchen.” McMichael was arrested shortly after authorities discovered the corpses. He was put into the Bi-State Jail on a charge of corpse abuse.


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Abuse of a corpse is defined under Texas law as a person who disturbs or harms a human corpse. Additionally, it is criminal to conceal a body with the knowledge that it will be illegally buried, as well as to purchase or sell a human corpse. Additionally, vandalising, causing damage to, or being offensive in an area where human remains have been laid to rest constitutes maltreatment.

“The skeletal remains were examined and it was concluded that the body belonged to a male, possibly Jason McMichael. The body was turned over to Mid-South Transport and transported to Dallas’s Southwest Institute of Forensic Sciences for an autopsy and additional identification “According to the police, they released a statement.

According to a police department representative, the wellness check was requested by an immediate family member. The cause of death is unknown at this time, and no ages were provided immediately, although the department confirmed that the deceased male was an adult.

McMichael may face up to two years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000 if convicted. Originally, in Texas, mistreatment of a corpse was a Class A misdemeanour punishable by up to a year in jail, but state lawmakers amended the statute in 2017 to make it a state jail felony.

This is not the first time bone remains have been discovered inside a residence in Texas. Last year, authorities received a call from a 15-year-old who had spent the previous year living with his 9-year-old brother’s remains.



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